Injecting Photo Sphere XMP Metadata into your 360 Photo

Full, spherical 360 photos almost always use equirectangular projection. 360 Photos must fulfill the following requirements for Facebook to process them properly:

  1. The photo must have a 2:1 aspect ratio, with maximum file dimensions of 6000 x 3000 pixels
  2. The Exif XMP tag, „ProjectionType=equirectangular”

the ( is a free, web-based tool for viewing and editing image metadata.

When you edit and save a 360 photo using standard image-editing tools, the „Make” and „Model” fields (among others) could now be empty. To re-tag your images for 360 treatment in Facebook, just put the original values for „Make” and „Model” back into those fields. To find the original values, you can view the Exif data from an original, unedited photo taken using your 360-ready camera.

For best results you can set:  Make to „RICOH” and Model to „RICOH THETA S”; this will work to get 360 treatment in Facebook, as long as the image’s aspect ratio is 2:1(6000×3000 pixels max).

For creating the Photosphere I use Google Camera (cannot find it in play store anymore) . here’s where you can find different version compatible with your device:

this is one example created by me (with my S4mini) and uploaded to street view: